First Livestream of My Project!

Crosstown Artist Residency Livestream Oct. 24 at 7pm CST



My first livestream will be on Facebook on Oct. 24 at 7pm CST. You can find the public livestream right in the event page here. Works by Fannie Mendelssohn, Florence…

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Classical Music Should Be Ashamed of Itself


When I was young, I trained heavily to become a concert pianist, and I had a successful (and VHS-documented) regional concert career as a teenager. I then pivoted to collaborative and ensemble playing…

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Episode of “Fearful Symmetries” on WXNA-FM Nashville that features my recordings of Summer Interlude and Autumn Dance by Betty Jackson King and Barcarolle by Florence Price. May 2, 2021


Article about chatterbird social justice concert series in the Nashville…

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